On Mealprep Sunday I prepare my lunch for the next five days (Monday – Friday) and share the recipes with you. These meals are eaten to achieve about 2.000 Kcal a day with at least ~200 g protein.

Last time we were still on the old blog and made some vegan patties! And you know what? Animal free recipes are here to stay. And because I was really feeling pasta, I made spaghetti carbonara! It turned out really good and was basically no work at all.

Nutritional information (per portion):
780 Kcal
33 g protein
98 g carbohydrates
28 g fats

840 g peas and baby carrots
500 g pasta (Spaghetti, in this case)
500 g oat cream
400 g smoked tofu
70 g onions
20 g margarine
10 ml (olive) oil
Spices (Salt, pepper, Kala Namak)

Follow the instructions on the package to prepare your pasta in salted water. Cube the smoked tofu and roast it in a pan with the oil. Once it has a gold-ish color, add the onions and roast them until they are translucent.

Deglaze it with the cream, add the margarine and pea/baby carrot mix and let it simmer. Season the sauce with salt and pepper and add a bit of Kala Namak (for a egg-like taste). And you’re done already!

Brotip: Do not mix all of the pasta with all of the sauce. Split them into your portions first, it will make the whole process easier!

Example Portion!

Enjoy your meals! Leave some feedback if you’ve tried this recipe to tell me how you liked it, or suggest thing you want me to prep in the future. The stage is yours.